Dayton Audio DATS V3 impedansi measurement GRATIS software Original


Dayton Audio DATS V3

impedansi measurement

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• Rugged aluminum housing with detachable test leads and built-in precision calibration resistor
• Tighter tolerances on internal components for more precise measurements
• Linearity test allows you to easily observe shifting parameters with different drive levels
•Increased output capability for greater separation from the noise floor for more accurate measurements
•Optional under desk mounting brackets to save desk space
•Ultra-linear impedance response measurement for loudspeaker drivers and complete systems
•Accurate measurement of loudspeaker electromechanical parameters (Fs, Qts, Vas, and many more)
•Measurement of advanced Wright Model parameters (Kr, Xr, Ki, Xi) for precision simulations
•Precise, high-resolution impedance response measurements with 30,000 data points (1 Hz to 20,000 Hz)
•Save and compare up to 20 impedance graphs simultaneously within one test file
•Integrated quality control feature set provides pass/fail parameter measurement (QC Pack)
•Sensitive rub and buzz detection functionality reveals hidden flaws in individual drivers (QC Pack)
•Software signal generator with selectable waveform, frequency, and amplitude
•Generates sine, square, triangle, saw tooth, impulse, pink noise, and log sweeps
•Oscilloscope software mode with dual traces, plus adjustable time and amplitude scales
•Oscilloscope and generator modes are compatible with other audio interfaces
•Quality test interface hardware assembled using precision SMT components and automation
•High-quality alligator clip leads minimize contact resistance for improved consistency
•Includes method for calculating Vas from specified Mmd
•Faster-than-ever hardware startup time virtually eliminates warm-up/cool-down

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