Waves card midas m32 behringer x32 Klark teknik dn32wsg xwsg soundgrid


waves card klark teknik dn32 wsg dan xwsg
sebagai soundcard yang mengubah protokol aes50 menjadi waves sondgrid melaui mixer midas m32 behringer x32 series.

The affordable way to run SoundGrid plugins – compressors, EQs, limiters, reverbs, delays
feedback elimination tools and more – on your X32 or M32 mixer

With the DN32-WSG I/O card and a SoundGrid DSP server, you can mix with state-of-the-art audio plugins by Waves and other companies, allowing you to dramatically improve your live sound. You can also play back and capture multi-track recordings – all in extremely low latency

The DN32-WSG card enables you to connect your digital console to any Waves SoundGrid audio processing server via a single Ethernet cable. It also features clock Sync-over-Ethernet for syncing multiple mixers and performing digital splits,

Together with a SoundGrid server and a Mac or PC, the Waves DN32-WSG I/O card gives you more control over your live sound – directly from your X32 or M32 console.
Read MoreDesigned for all variations of X32 and M32 live mixing consolesMix, play back and record with SoundGrid-compatible plugins in extremely low latency32 I/O channels of audio44.1 and 48 kHz sample ratesClock Sync-over-Ethernet (SoE) for digital splits and audio networkingRedundancy and recovery optionsConnects your console to the plugin processing power of SoundGrid serversCompatible with standard computers and switchesComes with the SoundGrid Studio Application for ASIO/Core Audio recording and playback,

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